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Horseshoe for happiness "Council Yes love"

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: 2 weeks
  • Materials:  clay, faience, acrylic, glaze
  • Size: the size of the horseshoe 13 cm (without bells),
author's ceramics
Russia, Samara Oblast , Shigony
The horseshoe is depicted saints Peter and Fevronia - patrons of family, love and fidelity.

Horseshoe and bells decorated with flowers - the symbol of this holiday. Very melodic bells ringing.

This Shoe can be a nice mascot guarding the Union of two loving hearts.

A little history:
The day of Peter and Fevronia — Orthodox holiday, in 2008 recovered in Russia on an official level as the "Day of family, love and fidelity". Celebrated on July 8.

Peter and Fevronia, the Orthodox patrons of family and marriage, whose marital Union is considered a model of Christian marriage.

Saints canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1547. Shortly after the canonization was made by the famous "the Tale of Peter and Fevronia of Murom". Until 1917 the day of Peter and Fevronia was widely celebrated as a family day and a day of love.
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