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ring "garden amitis"

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  • Materials:  author's lampwork glass, murano glass, glass, silver 999, silver-containing glass, silver
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Very unusual ring.... like a drop of the magic water froze throwing your delicate finger..... and inside this drop is a wonderful garden, lovely as the gardens of babylon. The correct name of this building — the Hanging gardens Amitis: it was the name of the wife of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, for which the gardens were created.
ring vyplavina entirely of murano glass, hand in the open fire. fused with droplets of pure silver. ring under different lighting casts different colors... lens effect animates the image.... it is very interesting to look....)
How to keep
love! To expose under the light and admire...) not to drop! ( Each ring is programmed calcination in a muffle furnace that makes glass strong, as if zakladnim, but elegant products better not to drop)
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