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Master-class "Fifi - bears" (description of the knitting)

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  • Materials:  yarn, cilia, eye plastic, filler for toys, ribbon decorative
  • Size: description in Russian, German or English in PDF format, on 32 pages (3,1 MB)
I bring to Your attention the author's master-class of crochet (in the technique friform) cute and funny Fifi - bears.
The finished toy can be a height of about 14 to 23 of SMV, depending on the chosen yarn.
The master class consists of 32 pages, contains a detailed description of the process, step-by-step photos of the fabrication, Assembly of parts and clearance toys.
The master class includes lessons on knitting and can only be used by skilled workers that have specific skills in crochet.
Level of difficulty – above average. Not suitable for beginners in knitting!
In the master class of the details of friform laid out in rows and stitches, and the part will have to come up with the most, based on what is given in the description.
That's why I not suggest to take this toy to beginners in knitting proforma and asked to objectively assess their strength before deciding to purchase MK.
This master class is intended for private use only, cannot be used for commercial purposes cannot be published without the author's agreement cannot be transferred for use to other persons.
Description will be sent in a pdf format within 24 hours after the payment to the customer's email.
When ordering, please specify your email address.
Payment for a master class preferred card or Yandex purse.
Pleasant knitting!
Es gibt eine Version in deutscher Sprache
version is available in English

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