croissants, pastries, rolls with cream, cupcakes, candy and other Goodies - now all the treats are not dangerous for the figures, if they are not on your plate, and painted on the scarf )))

scarf "Goodies" batik

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 1-2 weeks
  • Materials:  silk, silk natural, 100% silk, lace, satin, proscriptae paint
  • Size: 140х35
Follow the figure? At the same time enjoy the sweet? I suggest to try a dessert walk in silk scarf "Goodies". Get visual pleasure and catch yourself admiring glances! The shape is fine!
The scarf is made from lightweight crepe de Chine in the most delicious colours - a creamy chocolate and strawberry-lemon-Apple-jelly.
Scarf designed for everyday wear, so even after washing the colors will remain bright. Edges are trimmed with silk threads, seam "rulik" on the serger.
Want to make a gift with humor? This scarf is what you need. Especially helpful for girls who always sit on diets, but in my heart I dream about cake))

Scarf can be made of another type of silk - satin, toile, Excelsior, or in a different size, but in my opinion - the specified size is the best for this scarf.

The cost of the scarf depending on size:
mini-scarf, 0,25x1,00 - 1 500 RUB.
the average scarf 0,35х1,40 - 2 500 RUB.
Big scarf 0,45 x 1,80 - 4 000 RUB
Stole 0. 6x2. 00 - 6 000 RUB.
How to keep
wash in cool water with a drop of shampoo for colored hair, stroking the back of it in the mode "silk", to carry with pleasure!
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