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beaded decoration. beaded bracelet. Watch with bracelet

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  • Materials:  watch quartz, watches, superduo, czech seed beads, Czech glass beads, accessories in gold
  • Size: the size of the bracelet is designed for wrist girth 19cm
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beaded decoration. Watch with beautiful bracelet is a decoration that complements your suit and your way. Data clock I made a bracelet, which on its exterior easily fits under the rather broad color gamut. The bracelet is made of Czech beads "superduo" matte gold with the addition of Czech beadings in the color of smoky Topaz. Turned decoration not bright, but very elegant. The bracelet does not interfere with the replacement of the batteries in hours, which is also very important.

the size of the bracelet 19 cm. The bracelet is equipped with a lock button made of durable metal easy to fasten with one hand and doesn't break from repeated use.

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