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165x215cm blue patchwork bedspread-quilt, Patchwork

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  • Materials:  cotton, hollofayber
  • Size: 165 X 215 cm
The author's graphic work,
artistically chosen from 999 squares patchwork coverlet (patchwork) on sofa, couch or bed.

Blanket party collection "And snowing" of 25 January 2018.

Author: member of the Union of Designers of Moscow and the Chamber of crafts of Moscow Mazurova Elena.

High quality sewing, quilting and meeting the size.

Only cotton fabrics.

Benefit - high artistic and sewing quality at prices from the author.

Weight 1 kg 550 gr.
Patchwork bedspread is an excellent tool for creating the overall style and color scheme of the room.

The blue color soothes, brings relaxation and a good night's sleep, creates a feeling of safety and security of Your home.

You can easily upgrade the interior of Your apartment or country house is just changing the blanket.
How to keep
Wash 40 degrees, a powder for colored clothes.
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