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"Blue"165x215sm patchwork bedspread-quilt, Patchwork

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  • Materials:  cotton, hollofayber
  • Size: 165 X 215 cm
The author's graphic work, art chosen out of 1000 squares, patchwork bedspread (patchwork) Queen-size bed, a sofa or sofa.

Author: member of the Union of Designers of Moscow and the Chamber of crafts of Moscow Mazurova Elena.

High quality sewing, quilting and meeting the size.

Benefit - high artistic and sewing quality at prices from the author.

Weight 1 kg 150 gr
Patchwork bedspread is an excellent tool for creating the overall style and color scheme of the room.

The blue color soothes, brings relaxation and a good sleep.

You can upgrade the interior of Your apartment, just changing the blanket.
How to keep
Wash 40 degrees, a powder for colored clothes.
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