All for Jewelry Making handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Set of beads-lampwork beads 'French rose. Provence'.

Set of beads-lampwork beads "French rose. Provence"

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 10 days
  • Materials:  more lampwork beads (lampwork), author's lampwork, lampwork beads (lampwork)
  • Size: Central rose 30х30 mm.
    side rose - 20х20 mm.
    Bud - 20х15 mm.
    sheet - 20х12 mm.
    round bead with flower - 10х15 mm.
    round bead with polka dot - 12х8 mm.
    a small round bead with polka dot - 10х7 mm.

    When re-customization dimensions may vary slightly.
Set from the "French roses".
17 beads-lampwork beads for jewelry making.

Beads you can buy not only set, but also separately.
Central rose 800 RUB.
side rose - 400 RUB.
Bud - 250 rubles.
sheet - 50 rubles.
round bead with flower - 150 RUB.
round bead with polka dot - 100 rubles.

Full set: 3100 RUB.





Lampwork beads:

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