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    Stained glass Lamp with Agate

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    • Materials:  glass, agatha, stained glass, colored stained glass, gems, natural stones, agate black, agate natural, copper, ceramics, deep blue, blue
    • Size: 38cm
    Two different textures of glass, two shades of blue .....
    Lamp color of the summer sky with a string of black agate.

    Lamp Tiffany.
    The author's work

    Custom - there are various color combinations with other stones.

    Bulb height 38 cm
    The shade is 26 cm in the lower part of the

    Currently, there are ready-made lampshade to the lamp.
    The basis will differ from the original.
    Price 10 000 RUB

    We accept orders for manufacturing of table lamps, lampshades, ceiling lamps, glass lamps.
    Any color combinations.
    Bases for lamps - brass, bronze, ceramics. There are various budget ceramic and glass bases.
    Insert, garlands and tassels made of natural stones:
    - quartz
    - Jasper
    - crystal
    - pearl
    - various beads of glass, coral, metal (copper and brass), beads, Swarovski (Swarovski) is the best materials for your choice.
    How to keep
    do not drop))))
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