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Nursery handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Vintage dice.Teddy, vintage toy, acrylic
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A series of vintage cubes, we decided to open with remarkable works of Lena Smaga - with her kind permission. Here you can see her "lost toys": / )

Moreover, we added cubes of poems about bears, bunnies and elephants. Here is one of them (author - Judith Voorst):

I threw away my Teddy Bear,
The one that lost his eye.
I threw him in the garbage pail
(I thought I heard him cry.)
I've had that little Teddy Bear
Since I was only two.
But I'm much bigger now and
I've better things to do
Then play with silly Teddy Bears
And so I said good-bye
And threw him in the garbage pail
(Who's crying~ he or I?)

And here is my translation of this verse (don't judge me!):

I bear threw yesterday
Why do I like this?
Part of him was time –
He is torn, and the lame!

Long time we don't play with him
I'm already a big
It's time to leave
With my friend!

Gone, not turning around, I
For your friend
Quietly he wept after
Then Il cry I?

The cubes are quite large, made of solid wood (size of a side is 8 cm). Can be a wonderful piece of furniture, can be used as a press for papers or for "photo shoots" with vintage bears and toys)))

If you want you can carry the dice with old family photos, Your favorite poems and toys.

The price is for one cube. The value of a set of 4 dice - 1700 RUB Please call to check availability (phone number is in the rules of the store).

* Other versions of the cubes are

  • Postal service
  • Transport company
  • Local pickup / Meeting
  • Сash
  • Transfer to a bank card
  • Money transfer system

Vintage dice

Limited orders - selling fiinished products mostly

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