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The Lily is the symbol of perfection.

Shakespeare has the words: "to gild pure gold and paint the Lily — is a waste of time and ridiculous excess".

Lily flowers are the main "flower" symbol in heraldry.

In Byzantium, the Lily was the sign of belonging to Royal family. She also became a traditional symbol of the kings of France.

The Central element of the necklace is an exclusive pendant made of Jasper with the image of a graceful Lily.

Necklace made of red terracotta Jasper: large round beads and small flat roundels.

To complete the image added color hardware aged silver, shaped like a Royal crown.

The smooth contours of a padlock to the curves of the flower on the pendant.

Fittings and lock - Israel.

Red Jasper green was considered better, as it helped to carry disappointments in love.

Also red Jasper is recommended to wear at work, as it helps to establish contact with the authorities.

All Jasper - protects the stones. Red protects from injury and accidents.

Interestingly, the matrons at the Hermitage believe that Jasper vases relieve fatigue: if at the end of the working day calmly stand by the vases of Jasper, the fatigue will pass and people will feel relaxed.

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Necklace "Royal flower" (Jasper)


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