Bag woven "Basket with flowers" (felt)

  • Item sample 
  • Materials:  wool merino, beads czech, accessories, coridal, new zealand coridal, Decorative fiber
  • Size: height 25 cm,
    height without handle 24 cm,
    28 width 11 cm
Size guide
The recurrent motifs are possible. The cost of 14 thousand. Time 1-2 months.

Felted summer handbag wicker basket. Will fit to any style: with jeans or pants and dress or sundress.
Bag braided of two-tone felted bundles (wool - new Zealand coridal). The bottom hard with curls-legs, two layers of felt + inside plastic. Inside lining pocket with zipper. Handle chain threaded with a felt cord. Decorated with flowers (wool - Merino, 9 pieces), serdtsevini, which are embroidered with a mix of Czech beads. Closes the loop on the big button.
Collected-stitched entirely by hand. The machine stitched only to the lining.
Bag sturdy and reliable, will last a long time.
How to keep
Washable. Hand wash without twisting. Do not wring! To protect from moths!
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Return and exchange terms
You can cancel you order any time. If within a WEEK AFTER the package has been delivered you decided that you don't need it I will give you a full refund minus postage cost. I will ask you to send me your purchased craft thing back by post and as son as I receive it I transfer your money back to you.
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