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Lamp Stained Glass

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: Two weeks
  • Materials:  brass, glass, colored glass, stained glass, decorative glass, white glass, blue glass, blue
  • Size: The total height of about 43 cm
    Height about 64 cm
Table lamp with brass base and glass lampshade.
The lampshade is made in the Tiffany technique and consists of 144 elements.

A beautiful element of the interior to create comfort and unique style.
The author's design. Lampshade is made by hand, this means that this lamp one of a kind.

Stained glass lamp would make a great gift. As well as the most individual part that makes the interior favorite.
Home is the place where you want to go back always!

The total height of about 43 cm
Shade diameter about 64 cm

The price of the lamp can be changed up and down - depending on the desired lamp base, the cost of brass basics - different!
- change the height and design of the Foundation
- the size and color of lampshade
- picture of shade
- to make two or more luminaire (or lamp) in the same style

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How to keep
requires no additional care
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