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Kit - transformer "Dangerous journey"

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  • Materials:  agate, mother of pearl, pearl, accessories vintage
  • Size: At the request of the customer
It's incredible! In the dark, dark forest, near a lake, exotic flowers bloom, surrounded by soft deep moss. Between the tussocks stood the crocodile waiting for prey. From the thickets somebody's eyes are watching you. Don't be afraid! The sun flooded the clearing and you'll see that it's just a brooch on your chest!

A set of brooches that you can wear as a pendant, beads and earrings.
Copyright manufacturing technology. In this technique I don'T use glue and embroidery. All mounted on metal.
The original design. In a single instance.
Thing made to order, will differ from the original.
High quality materials.
The order is given in a gift box. It is a beautiful, exclusive gift!
Accept orders for manufacturing of jewelry.
With pleasure will answer all questions.
Author: Simkha - Jewelry that brings joy!
made with love!
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