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Now only Metalic. castor, amber glass bottle, 15 g

Gel-care for the eye area with the peptide complex, caffeine, moisture, marine collagen, marine elastin and COVA B TROX (BOTOX-LIKE) designed to remove the wrinkles (it can also be applied to the forehead, lines around the lips), moisturize and tighten the skin.

Changes in the recipe with 25.02.16

Caffeine eliminates puffiness, dark circles, tightens the skin,

COVA B TROX (BOTOX-LIKE) - high performance component, and relaxing the muscles. Has a long moisturizing effect, provides restructuring action helps to smooth facial wrinkles. Is an alternative to surgical treatment of wrinkles and facial folds.

Marine collagen - an essential protein for skin care "over 30." Collagen stimulates a wound-healing effect, skin regeneration, moisturizes, physically plastically fills in fine lines and wrinkles.

Marine elastin, like most of the protein compounds, has high hygroscopicity and a high molecular weight, so it provides the skin with lasting moisturizing effect and recovery. When applied to the skin forms a thin elastic film , which prevents moisture loss and provides a gentle lifting effect. The high level of amino acids found in elastin nourish the skin. Especially good elastin works together with collagen in cosmetics. It is therefore recommended to combine both protein for strengthening their actions.

Enriched with a complex of peptides, syn-coll, syn-tacks and Matrixyl synte6.
Syn-Tacks significantly stimulates the synthesis of all major proteins of the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ).
Syn-Tacks noticeable effect on skin tone, its elasticity and density.
Syn-Tacks optimizes the condition of the dermal - epidermal junction (DEJ) for the perfection of your beauty.

SYN-COLL - iron for wrinkles!
Syn-coll has a dual effect: it simultaneously increases the synthesis of collagen and protects it from destruction.

Synte6 Matrixyl is a patented peptide that stimulates the synthesis of six essential components of the skin (collagen I, IV, III, HSP47, Lamin-5, hyaluronic acid).
Evens out skin relief and smoothes wrinkles by restoring the skin in areas of damage, particularly on the forehead and the area of "crow's" feet.

Suitable for even sensitive skin.

Visible result after 60-80 days (depending on the initial skin condition)!

How to keep: Protect from light and heat

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Gel-care for the eye area "perfection"


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