Balm-conditioner for hair Passion

Balsam hair conditioner "Magic of grasses" and "Passion"

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: 1-2 days.
  • Materials:  mint, castor oil, macadamia oil, sesame oil, nettle, wheat protein, rosemary, 100% natural, coconut oil
  • Size: 125 g - 560 RUB (bottle with dispenser)
*** Conditioning balm for hair "Magic herbs" contains super-critical CO2 extracts of nettle, rosemary, sage, and healthy hair oil - sesame oil and butter papaya.
Suitable for normal hair, greasy and oily hair.

After application of the conditioner hair easy to comb, become brighter, I would say - Shine; on a touch - simply silk.
Active ingredients: papaya oil, sesame oil; super-critical CO2 extracts of nettle, rosemary, sage; wild raspberries mint, lactic acid, inulin, D-panthenol.
With the aroma of burdock and nettle.

*** Conditioning balm for hair "Passion" contains wheat proteins and keratin. With the aroma of passion and sundew, a very spring scent!

The effect of the hair:

Sesame oil is recommended for care of all hair types. Treats oily and sore scalp, hair dyed or harried chemistry. Gives the hair Shine and softness, protects them from drying. Thanks to vitamin E sesame oil will give the hair strength and volume,

castor oil - enhances hair growth and improves their appearance, removes dandruff, makes hair Shine,

macadamia oil is well distributed over the surface of hair and makes them healthier, at the same time align the structural differences between the root part and the tips of the hair, used for damaged dry hair

wheat proteins and keratin - an effective tool for recovery and support "split" the tips of the hair, which is especially important when using dyes for hair;
protect the skin from adverse environmental influences and UV rays; have a moisturizing effect;
provide protection and nourishment of damaged hair, reduces the irritating action of surfactants, which strengthens hair and restores their structure, have a conditioning effect and facilitates combing hair, gives additional volume to thin hair by sealing their structure.
Active ingredients: sesame oil, castor oil, macadamia oil, wheat protein, keratin, cyclomethicone, lactic acid, wild raspberries mint.
How to keep
apply to clean damp hair, keep 3-5 minutes, rinse with water.
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