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Pendant Aphrodite. rose quartz

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  • Materials:  silver, rose quartz, gems, natural stones, natural materials, jewelry accessories, gemstones, sterling silver chain 925, transparent quartz, silver chain, 925 sterling silver, pink, pale pink
  • Size: The total size of the pendant is about 2cm, length of chain 50 cm
Russia, St. Petersburg
Each piece from the collection of the Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece dedicated to one of the heroines of the myths.
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Tall, slender, with delicate facial features, with a soft wave of Golden hair like a crown placed on her beautiful head, Aphrodite is the personification of divine beauty and immortal youth. When she walks in the radiance of her beauty, in the fragrant clothes, then brighter the sun shines, the flowers bloom more magnificently. Beasts of the forest fled from her thicket, her flocks flock birds when she goes through the woods. Lions, Panthers, leopards and bears gently caress her. Quietly goes among the wild beasts Aphrodite, proud of his radiant beauty. Her companion Ora and the Charity, the goddess of beauty to grace ministered to her. They put the goddess in luxurious clothes, comb her Golden hair, her head is crowned with a sparkling tiara.

Near the island of Kythira, was born Aphrodite, daughter of Uranus, the white foam of the waves. a light, caressing breeze brought her to the island of cyprus . there was surrounded by young ora emerging from the sea waves goddess of love. they clothed her in gold embroidered clothes, and crowned with a wreath of fragrant flowers. Where not only walked Aphrodite, grew there luxuriantly flowers. the whole air was full of fragrance. Eros and Gemarot took a wondrous goddess to Olympus. Loudly welcomed her gods. Since then it has always lived among the gods of Olympus Golden Aphrodite, forever young, the fairest of the goddesses. ....() N. Kun

The pendant is made of pale pink quartz.
Quartz - jewelry cut.
The total size of the pendant is about 2 cm
Stone holder - high-quality silvering.
the size of the stone 14*10 mm
Chain - 925 sterling silver, it is a Russian sample
chain length is 50 cm
decoration in a gift box.

Very beautiful and delicate decoration!
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the delicate treatment of
St. Petersburg
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