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Tar natural soap

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  • Materials:  shea butter (karite), milk, lactic acid, birch tar, 100% natural
  • Size: Soap weight. 100 g - 300 RUB.
For true connoisseurs of birch tar, and of this, the incomparable, the smell of genuine leather.

A new batch of this soap is cooked in milk for even more soft and gentle cleansing of Your skin.
Suitable for washing.

Do not use for personal hygiene.
Do not use in children under 3 years.

This party without coal.
Still on the milk and olive oil )

Composition: sodium salt of palm fatty acids, extra virgin olive, palm kernel, coconut, castor, corn oils and stearic acid; purified water;

care supplements:
lactic acid;
birch tar (8%);
Shea butter (Shea), olive EV.
How to keep
Store in a ventilated soap dish
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