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    Handmade soap "East"

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    • Materials:  shea butter (karite), lactic acid, star anise, castor oil, silk is a natural
    • Size: Soap weight. 100 g - 320 RUB.
    Soap for pryntsessa... no, Princess! Welded on the Shea butter (Shea butter) and whipped cream, m-m-m, a real treat for Your skin!

    Soap has a gentle creamy foam.

    Suitable for washing!

    Soap best seller!

    Attention! Soap is a creamy beige color not white!

    Composition: sodium salts of fatty acids, Shea (Shea), palm, coconut, palm kernel, castor, olive EV oil and stearic acid; natural silk fibers; titanium dioxide; purified water; aromatic composition, star anise.


    lactic acid;
    natural cream;
    natural fibers silk;
    Shea butter (karite),
    rice bran oil.
    How to keep
    In the application store in a ventilated soap dish.
    Nizhny Novgorod
    on request
    Other countries
    on request
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