Summer dress, dress with lace handmade dress, author Julia Linen tale

Boho dress "Greece"

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Julia Linen tale
Russia, Yaroslavl Oblast, Rybinsk
White summer cotton dress. The top and bottom of the dress is decorated with delicate lace, highlighting the individuality of the owner. Complemented by a woven belt.

Other variants of combinations of colors.
The author's work

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How to keep
To erase things from flax better hand or in the washing machine using a delicate mode and a special bag at a temperature not above 40. Colored and white linen garments should be washed separately from other.
Drying in the open air – if it is good to spread the products will not have wrinkles and fine lines, and they will smell fresh.
Ironing articles made of linen slightly damp and on the reverse side, at a temperature of not more than 200. If the product features embroidery, then better to do it only from the wrong side, so no way to ruin the embroidery.
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