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Pendants handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Brass wire wrap pendant "Rainbow".Wire wrapped, perfect gift

Bright colours and complicated weave! Curls and swirls, straight lines! Fusion of colours! This is a brief description of this pendant!

It is made of brass wire using wire wrapping technique, The central peace was made separately in the very beginning, exposed to heat in order to melt and fuse various colours of plastic. And then it was incorporated in the frame, that lifts it above the skin level and enables light to pass through it and demostrate it's beauty.

This pendant was designed to accompany "Rainbow snails" earrings . Every time I make both earrings and pendant, I bake them simultaneously to keep them in one colour line. Of course, this pendant can be a separate piece of jewellry and here it is demonstrated as a single item.

The last picture demonstrates how this pendant hangs from the chain (the depicted pendant differs in colour a little bit). The length of the chain can be corrected and adjusted to necessary. Lust let me know before shippment what length you need. Usually it's about 45 cm.

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Brass wire wrap pendant "Rainbow"

IVA rainbow art

Russia, St. Petersburg

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