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Pendant "Coming to Provence"

  • Item sample 
  • Production time: 
  • Materials:  filled with 14kt gold, rubies, emeralds, sapphires
  • Size: 37mm X 30mm-mount 50mm
Sold. Exact repetition is not possible. Bright spring day. Before you sun-drenched meadows of Provence. You rush towards them at great speed, widely spread its wings, and a sense of boundless freedom and joy fills you from the toes to the crown.
Approaching the Provence, from lavender khmeleya,
You will see the sun in the colors of the late.
Off the miracle this time not daring
You burst into Provence and Provence remained!

Pendant filled gold dredges. stones (emerald, ruby and sapphire).

With pleasure will answer all questions.

Author: Simkha - Jewelry that brings joy!
made with love!
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