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Bag-calendar "Watch Persephone"

  • Item sample 
  • Materials:  trinity wool, semenovskaya wool, wool merino, 100% linen, metal garment accessories, bugle, beads czech, floss, Czech glass beads
  • Size: height 27-28 cm,
    total height 79-80 cm,
    width (the widest part) 47 cm (the narrowest part) 36 cm
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Persephone - goddess of Ancient Hellas. The daughter of Zeus and Demeter, the personification of the annual death and revival of nature. Abducted by Hades, she became Queen of the underworld, but Demeter missed her. Then Zeus decided that Persephone will spend half the year with her mother (spring and summer) and half the year with Hades (autumn and winter). According to the Greeks, for this reason, the seasons followed each other.
And this is a special watch, which Persephone determines when it is time for her to go to Earth to see her parents, or descend to her husband, Hades )) the Clock mechanism is not provided, have the owner of that bag and manually turn the arrow ))
Great bag for a great shopping experience! The idea of this bag, its shape, color and size the customer owns a beautiful Inn. My implementation )) With the consent of the designer will make the replay of this work. An exact copy is impossible!

A gift arrow brooch. Trimmed with beads, a lot of silk fibers. A quality clasp.

This bag is made in a single copy of different types of wool. Felt fabric coated with a layer of colored viscose. The bag is very dense and can withstand a great weight. Twisted handle zelenovatye felt the ties do not come off ever. Bird-bullfinch volume, filled with pieces of wool. Bag fastens with a large button. Lining - linen, two pockets. All the décor elements are bulky, everything is kept very tight. Flower of wild strawberry and wild rose embroidered Czech beads and beads. The berries are embroidered floss.
How to keep
hand wash in warm water, drain off water, iron iron to the "wool/silk"
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