This bag is ready!\r\przmary: height 34 cm, height without handles 38 cm, width 45 cm\r\vnutri knitted pocket :)

Magic shopping bag made of felt "Grenade"

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  • Materials:  trinity wool, glass beads
  • Size: height handles 34 cm, height without handles 38 cm, width 45 cm
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This bag is made in a single copy of Trinity wool. The bag is very dense and can withstand a great weight. Zelenovatye handle will not come off ever. Grenade surround, each filled with pieces of wool. Bottom stitched reinforced seam, two layers of very thick felt.
How to keep
Hand wash in warm water. Pressing in the washing machine, do not Unscrew. Squeezed the bag to spread to steam iron to "wool" setting and hang to dessiatina hands.
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