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Decoration for the interior. Embroidered panels "Fuchsia". Bead embroidery

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  • Materials:  outline, beads, baguette, glass
  • Size: 33х31см with baguette frame
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Decoration for the interior. Embroidered panels. Beaded embroidery.
Tender fuchsia - the personification of blossoming youth. This panel will decorate your home and delight you and your family.
Embroidery is made on canvas Aida # 14 of the final scheme.
Fuchsia was opened in 1695 by a French botanist Charles Plumier. He named it after the German botanist and physician Leonhart (Leonard) Fuchs "Fuchsia triphylla flore coccinea". Scientists have discovered more than 100 species of wild fuchsia.

Fuchsia immediately became a very popular flower, and within a few years, was first bred hybrid species. The genus Fuchsia belongs to the family Ciprani and has approximately 100 species of plants that live in the New world. Home to the majority of cultivated fuchsias are Mexico, Chile and Peru.

Size panels with framing frame 33 x 31 cm

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