Toy Miniatures handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Decorative figurine made of colored glass Scorpio Sigmund.Sand, desert

    Decorative figurine made of colored glass Scorpio Sigmund

    • In stock 
    • Materials:  glass, colored glass
    • Size: 8х10 cm
    I'm surrounded by fire circle,
    It is coming close I am to death awarded-
    Because I was born ugly,
    Because I'm evil Scorpion.

    My enemies look on all sides,
    Nightmare fatal and haunting,-
    No way, I death surrounded,
    I'm a flame short of diverse.

    But, even though everything is terrible for me
    Breath persistent fire
    One rush full I, baseball.

    I die. Let. I send a challenge to the fate.
    I am death my found myself.
    I killed Scorpion - proud, free.

    Konstantin Balmont
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