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Decorative figurine made of colored glass Snail Vic

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  • Materials:  glass, colored glass
  • Size: 3х8 cm

Terribly tired, soaked to the bone,
Crawling on the road a big Snail.
"Sorry, Snail, I asked timidly -
What is your urgent business?
You'll excuse me my curiosity,
Where You will desire to hurry?"
Sighing heavily I Snail said:
"I guess the cabin in the woods lost.
I went to sleep, got up in the morning.
It was so beautiful! Whole mother of pearl!
Neither small nor great, but take it on faith
What he told me was just the right size.
And now, I lost it in the woods...
I don't outsource!"
"Do not cry, do not cry, I said to the Snail
Awfully tired, soaked to the skin, -
We house, believe me, will find easy
After all, You couldn't have gotten far."
Really! Close on a birch branch
It hung, sticking to the wrapper of the candy!
And even in rainy, gloomy morning
He was so beautiful, all of mother-of-pearl.
Neither small nor great, but take it on faith
It is just the right size.
The snail, of course, ceased to weep,
Twenty times, about "thank you" he said.
Saying goodbye, bow beautiful back
And gave me, in memory, a blade of grass.
Sleep my little one, sleep my good, sleep sweet,
And this blade of grass to us in a book - bookmarked.

Igor Lagerev
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