Jewelry Sets handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Long necklace with natural stones agate, lapis bracelet.Blue

Long necklace with natural stones agate, lapis bracelet

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: 1 day
  • Materials:  mother of pearl, ural lazuli, agate
  • Size: 112 cm - can be any length
Beads with a length of 112 cm A large stone - natural agate (chalcedony) tinted. Ural lapis lazuli - bright blue. Stone gray - painted mother-of-pearl. Bracelet length 19 cm

IN ORDER to make such beads, stones, grey, black, pink, yellow, blue, green, red, Golden color. Can & earrings set (pendant, ring) in the set to do.
on request
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