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    Interior hanging decoration stained glass bird Pheasant

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    • Materials:  glass, colored glass
    • Size: 17 cm
    pheasant the king of all birds, and in chinese mythology often appears as a pair of celestial dragon. being together, the pheasant and the dragon symbolize a happy marriage. so wedding receptions are often decorated with images of dragon and pheasant. the energy of the pheasant, in fact yang, but turns to yin, when a pheasant near the dragon. by itself, the pheasant symbolizes the emergence of opportunities that will bring success and prosperity. the symbolism of the pheasant goes back to the ancient chinese traditions (is the imperial emblem of china) and means light, virtue, prosperity, good fortune, beauty. because of its spectacular plumage color and pheasant associated with sun, light, dignity, as well as the organizational talents of senior officials. chinese pheasant and indian peafowl that belong to the same family in europe for a long time were considered exotic birds, their brilliant plumage may affect the performance of the legendary phoenix.

    Hanging figures made of coloured glass forming part of the decoration of the interiors of apartments and other premises, can be placed (hung) on chandeliers, sconces and other lighting solutions. Work organic on the cornices, window frames, ceiling beams and potted plants. Fits perfectly in the space, winter gardens and terraces. And of course as Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree!)
    Hanging figures can be placed not only indoors. Sculpted colored glass is resistant to weather extremes and other aggressive environments, outdoor spaces.
    The suspension is behind the glass loop in the hanging figures between the wings. The suspension is made either using nylon fishing line (fishing), or through a variety of decorative hangers
    How to keep
    recommendations for nursing: for washing by hand is recommended to put on the bottom of the sink with a rubber mat, a thick kitchen towel or cloth to the product is not broken. always use warm soapy water and a soft detergent (as well as a soft sponge or brush). a pinch of salt will give the glass a flawless shine. to remove spots, just break the raw rice in warm water in advance of adding lemon juice or vinegar, and then use this mixture for washing products. this method is especially effective for removing hard-to-reach spots. to remove small stains, try using a rag soaked in vinegar. after the work done do not forget to gently hand wipe (dab) the product with a lint-free cloth (immediately after washing to prevent stains).
    Contraindications of harsh, gusty winds and small bullies with sticks. In the presence of domestic and wild animals high jumping, hanging figurines, it is recommended to hang.
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