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Magic shopping bag made of felt Oranges

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  • Materials:  wool for felting
  • Size: the height of the handles 40 cm, height without handles 42 cm, width 46 cm
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The fruit of the orange tree symbolize fertility, so the Saracen brides wore orange and the flowers of the orange tree as a sign of fertility. The Chinese as a symbol of immortality and luck. In Christianity the orange flower means cleanliness, chastity, in connection with which it was used in a wedding wreath. The oranges were identified with the Golden apples of the Hesperides (Golden playthings of the gods). These precious fruits of Hercules was to disrupt and bring to Greece - this was his eleventh feat. In Japan, orange flower symbolizes pure love.
The bag is very dense and can withstand a great weight. All projects will fit. Zelenovatye handle will not come off ever. Oranges are bulky, each filled with pieces of wool. Bottom stitched reinforced seam, embedded inside the polyurethane base.
How to keep
Hand wash in warm water. Pressing in the washing machine, do not Unscrew. Squeezed the bag to spread to steam iron to "wool" setting and hang to dessiatina hands.
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Return and exchange terms
You can cancel you order any time. If within a WEEK AFTER the package has been delivered you decided that you don't need it I will give you a full refund minus postage cost. I will ask you to send me your purchased craft thing back by post and as son as I receive it I transfer your money back to you.
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