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Felting handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy 4-Shaft Table Ashford Loom.Wood, nzwool, ashford

Weave traditional and modern patterns to create your own original fabrics. Castle folds flat for transport and storage. Overhead beater with automatic bounce back. Comfortable handles and strong 40 teeth nylon ratchets. Clicker pawls remain in place when weaving, folding or transporting the loom. Lacquered.

Includes stainless steel reed 10dpi (40/10), step-by-step warping instruction booklet, texsolve heddles, threading hook, 2 shuttles.

Choose from three widths 41cm, 61cm, 80cm (16", 24", 32")

Folded height: 18cm (7")

Weight: from 7kg (15.5lb)

Loom stand and extra reeds sold separately.

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4-Shaft Table Ashford Loom


New Zealand, Canterbury, Christchurch

1550 reviews 100%
beautiful boutique fleece from New Zealand

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