The original trophy for hunters and animal lovers. Interesting and a surprise gift.\r\pracna work.

Wild elk from felt. natural wool

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  • Materials:  100% wool, copper wire, wool for felting, wool cardoons, wool, natural wool, merino wool
  • Size: Head length - 17 cm Scale horns around 17 cm Color and size can be changed according to your wishes.
    It is possible to perform to order the Moose's Head IN full SIZE! price 15000 RUB.
    Scale horns 60-65 cm, head length of about 60cm. Sizes can vary depending on your wishes.
We sew custom-made according to your measurements. We sell finished work.
Elk wild is unexpected and interesting gift. An original alternative to hunting trophies. You will be able to use it as a housekeeper in the hallway or stand for rings and earrings.
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