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Cushion batik "Fox Terrier"

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 5 days
  • Materials:  100% silk, paint on fabric, satin, gold braid, tape, braid ornamental
  • Size: 450mm x 450mm
Decorative pillowcase with a picture of a dog.
Pillow case with insert of silk painting in the technique of batik using various effects in tissue to dostizheniya most decorative. Insert-batik attached to the base and trimmed with decorative stitching, braid, lace, beads. The warp options and finishes can be any at customer request. Painting is possible on any theme and in any color. It is possible to create a series of cushions and other textile elements to process inTerrier . Dimensions – 450mm x 450mm; 500mm x 500mm, etc. (Can be done in the form of a panel)
Paint is resistant to gentle washing. Pillow case with zip.
Inside pad 450 mm x 450 mm. the Filler – holofiber. (optional)
How to keep
Delikatna wash t - 30"
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