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Mittens with braids knitted, women men kids

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: Within 1 day or in a queue
  • Materials:  acrylic, mohair, 60% acrylic, 50% wool, 50% acrylic, 40% mohair, yarn for knitting, yarn turkey, yarn germany, yarn for mittens, wool
  • Size: By the standards. The scheme for taking measurements of the mittens can send an additional.
    1) girth of hand without thumb
    2) brush length
    3) length of finger
Size guide
Soft and warm mittens will warm in the cold. On the back side of the mittens is Xhosa (the pattern can be changed on order).

Connected mittens from a soft and slightly fluffy yarn. Use for his mittens only quality, soft, imported yarn blend of wool and acrylic, knit without seams.

To order in any color and size.
From fluffy or smooth yarn.
Take into account your wishes to the order, you can change the model.

Warm mittens are hand-knit with a classic pattern can be a thoughtful gift for loved ones, for friends, daughters, sisters, mothers new year, birthday, March 8... or for yourself.

Mittens related to the premises free of tobacco smoke, with no contact with animals. While knitting is not used cosmetics with strong fragrances and perfumes.

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How to keep
Standard knitted things: wash in cool water, do not twist, dry horizontally. In the parcel put a tag with data about the composition and recommendations.
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