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  • Materials:  100% wool, wool, felt, silk fibers, fiber, wool spun, fleece, wool merino, silk
  • Size: R-R 36,5-37
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boots with soles, for street,can be sold complete with mittens and tippet
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Natural wool between the fibers has a lot of air bubbles, which ensures the access of oxygen. This peculiarity helps to avoid the greenhouse effect, creating a natural healing heat.
Wool weakly electrified and not attract dust, is able to remain clean. It also neutralizes toxic substances released by the body, and prevents the growth of dust mite. One of the advantages of natural wool is its therapeutic effect: it regulates blood pressure, calms the nervous system, relieves fatigue, normalizes sleep, improves the immune system of the person and his resistance to colds and infectious diseases. Lanolin (animal wax), which is contained in sheep's wool, accelerates healing of wounds and fractures, has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action. Products of natural wool can absorb moisture (up to 33%) and create natural warmth, they allow the body to breath, regulate humidity, nice and gentle to the body.

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