A linen dress in the Russian style dress handmade dress with lace, a dress from flax, Linseed author Julia tale

Linen suit "tales of"

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Julia Linen tale
Russia, Yaroslavl Oblast, Rybinsk
Linen suit with lace inserts handmade. The lace is made on motives of national embroidery. The kit includes openwork linen jacket, top and skirt ( straight or with a small risklerinin, at the request of the cuts can be done on the sides).

The author's work.
Natural linen gives a person the opportunity to breathe easy, pleasant for the body. Good Russian flax always and everywhere - and hot summer outside and during the winter season indoors.
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How to keep
- Wash in mild conditions in an aqueous solution of detergent designed for this type of tissues without the addition of chlorine or whitening products
- Iron at temperature not above 200 degrees
- Drying condition.
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