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Teaching Materials handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Master class booties - sheep.White, tsepeleva olga
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Glad to offer to Your attention a master class on knitting booties - sheep

MK contains a detailed description of the manufacture and Assembly of parts, backed by plenty of photos and advice on selecting yarn and tools.

The material will be useful for people who know how to crochet, knitting lessons, and describes the process of making toys.

MK at the elongated loops send additional.

The master class will be sent in electronic form to e-mail buyer. when ordering, please specify your email. address.

Payment for a master class preferred on kiwi purse or card, mobile payment, money transfer, Contact, fast and furious etc.

this material is my authoring and is intended only for your personal use.
forwarding, publication and other dissemination is not permitted!

Want to be informed about my new works and the new MK? Add me to your circle and you will receive a notice about my new products :)

Ready booties here

How to keep:


Conditions of employment specify with the master

Transfer to a bank card
Electronic payment systems
Money transfer system
Mobile phone top up
Cash on delivery

Return and exchange terms

Didn't happen, but I think if the situation is Mature - let's go over it :)

Master class booties - sheep

Warm toys

Russia, Ivanovo Oblast, Teykovo

604 reviews 100%
Амурчик Валюшка участвует в беспроигрышной лотерее, подробности в личке )

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