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Simple and cute bell with bright bluebells in the primitivist style. Covered with a matte satin glaze. Well rings.
All my bells can be found here:
Here www.livemaster.ru/lenzay?cid=172967&clb=1&sort=&sorder=
All openwork (woven or Welt) ceramics can be found here:
All ceramic flowers can be seen here: www.livemaster.ru/lenzay?cid=100547&clb=2&sort=&sorder=

In the collection "dream of December" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/416749-tsvetnye-sny-dekabrya

In the collection "Catch my colored dreams" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/428937-lovi-moi-tsvetnye-sny

In the collection "Express expectations" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/453173-vyrazhajte-svoi-ozhidaniya

"Autumn freshness" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/695005-osennyaya-svezhest

"...who knew)" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/706373-kto-mog-znat

"Rose," www.livemaster.ru/gallery/741199-shipovnik

"For half an hour until spring)))" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/882687-za-polchasa-do-vesny

"Aesthetic pleasure!" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/1053585-esteticheskoe-naslazhdenie

"Guess the melody - 91" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/1110023-ugadaj-melodiyu-91

"Colourful autumn...time of year..." www.livemaster.ru/gallery/1167163-tsvetnaya-osen-vremya-goda

"how fair, how fresh.... was that?" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/1212689-kak-horoshi-kak-svezhi-byli

"The bells" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/1396599-kolokolnyj-zvon

"Olive green" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/1437427-olivkovo-zelenaya

"Winter Garden.." www.livemaster.ru/gallery/1472499-zimnij-sad

"Fairy tale and nostalgia" www.livemaster.ru/gallery/2097749-skazka-nostalgiya

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Bouquet of bells


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