The author's book for records SOULBOOK "BAROCCO".


    • Made to order 
    • Production time: 3-5 slave. days.
    • Materials:  faux leather, cloth, paper, accessories, beads
    • Size: 245x170x50
    "SOULBOOK" - book for the soul!
    Model: SOULBOOK-BAROCCO will take you to the era of the Baroque age — the age of Reason and Enlightenment, of luxury and grandeur.
    The cover is soft, pleasant to the touch. The inner part of the cover repeats the patterns of the 17th century, they deliberately frayed, which gives the book an antique look, kind of antique.
    Paper SUSTEREN, convenient for records, vintage stitched binding. The book closes with a elastic band's laced in the style of "Macrame", decorated with beads that exude a subtle scent of sandalwood. Its aroma is used to soothe, remove obstacles and illness. The bookmark is made in the same style to complement the personality of the book.
    How to keep
    Care - a pledge of longevity!
    on request
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    Return and exchange terms
    In the case that the quality of the product after its purchase, does not satisfy the customer, but it retains a decent appearance, has no errors and problems, you can return it within 2 weeks to the manufacturer. A return of payment with the deduction of expenses, both for the first shipment (transfer order) and the second (return order).
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