Cardigans handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy Cardigan summer crochet ' Crimea'.Crochet, white color, dressy clothes, Chasuble

Cardigan summer crochet " Crimea"

  • Made to order 
  • Production time: 10days
  • Materials:  100% cotton
  • Size: 42-50
Summer cardigan - chasuble crocheted from quality cotton ( Italy). Products made from such yarn can be washed often, to steam iron, this coat does not lose its form.
Chasuble - year-old coat of soft, fluid or delicate fabrics with slits on the sides (not always) and length almost to the ankle .Most of the single-button placket at the top or in the middle. Wear it with straight trousers or a fitted dress. This cardigan sweater visually slimming and elongates the figure. Can be either with sleeves or without them. The best solution to the cold summer.
Any color options and sizes.
Made of wool will fall cardigan.
The price to 50p. delivery to any country.
How to keep
Hand wash
on request
on request
Other countries
on request
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