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Necklace "music of the soul"

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  • Materials:  pearls natural, beads czech
  • Size: The length of the inner side 38 cm.
    Size can be adjusted: due to the fact that the response of the fastener chain, the length can be changed, by attaching a carabiner to the different links of the chain, and thus it is possible to increase the length by 5 cm.
Necklace made in the technique of frivolite (Shuttle lace) with bead.

For weaving lace bases used
thread, Czech beads and natural

This ornament can be worn for dress, business suit, trousers... and in combination with the bracelet any woman would be irresistible.
How to keep
Caring for pearl jewelry is the same as caring for ordinary jewelry.

For removal of larger contaminants are possible,hand wash in soapy water with baby soap,then rinse in running water. To dry and store flat.
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