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stained glass panels beach dreams

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  • Materials:  glass, copper, stained glass, colored glass, chain, stained glass, decorative glass, blue glass, yellow glass, green glass
  • Size: 31*29 cm
near st. petersburg, on the gulf of finland is a very beautiful place. there is everything - golden sand, a scattering of shells, the cries of seagulls, the mighty pines, huge boulders, the sound of waves, endless sky and endless space.
perhaps you will want to preserve your memories in a picture of glass.

mural-painting of stained glass, tiffany technique. this means that every element of the painting is carved from art glass and specially treated. then, with the help of soldering, all the pieces assembled in panels, and seams zapatentovana.
such panels can be hung as a window or just on the wall - it will be beautiful everywhere.
pictures of stained glass are not afraid of moisture or precipitation, which allows their use both inside and outdoors.
stained glass can be hung, for example, in the outdoor gazebo or on the terrace.
this picture can be an original gift.
it is possible to manufacture such glass windows with any design, classic or oriental, romantic or avant-garde.

the stained glass size 31*29 cm
glass for sky - shimmer in shades of blue, creating the intricate pattern of clouds.
and the water - blue glass with tiny air bubbles.
How to keep
does not require special care
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