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Necklace and earrings with amethysts

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  • Materials:  large pearls, white pearl, amethyst, accessories, pearl, beads, swarovski, amethyst natural, amethyst stone, amethysts natural, large beads, purple amethyst, purple stone, purple beads
  • Size: beads 55 cm, earrings 5.5 cm
The length of the necklace - 55 cm, earrings - 5.5 cm. Amethyst - large stones measuring approximately 3 x 1.5 cm, natural white pearls, clear Swarovski beads, accessories with rhinestones. Trendy, the actual decoration, which has all chances to occupy a worthy place in the wardrobe and in the heart of his mistress.
*** This ornament is sold. In the second photo a copy. it is also sold. Currently there are stones in the first photo, but exact repetition is not possible, because you cannot find exactly the same stones. But if necessary, will be similar to the image.
*** Because it is handmade jewelry, you can order any length and to make other changes if necessary. Installation silver lock + 600 rubles for one lock (necklace, bracelet) or a couple of earrings.
***Can be made in the same style bracelet.
*** My phone is in the profile, all the nuances are better addressed by phone. Thank you for Your choice!
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