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Attraction strelyatelno nalivatelnyy.Strelyaesh-in email a target of laser weapons - depending on the accuracy you get a different number zhidkosti.Ne you will get - nothing naletsya.Popadesh five times in the "top ten" - pour maximum kolichestvo.Iznachalno "enchanted" by spirits: vodka whiskey and t.p.Po least intoxicated Player accuracy decreases .... drunken hit very hard. Turnkey solution for biznesa.Imeetsya sessions conducted counter and counter spilled zhidkosti.Dlya all contact with the beverages used filter components having sertifikaty.Analogov net.Est conclusion "South patent" on unikalnosti.Podrobnoe description in the passport of the attraction will send on request.

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Attraction "Shoot and drink!"

Ray Kabaljaring

Russia, Rostov-on-Don

44 reviews 100%
I take orders.

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