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    Decorated glass

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    • Materials:  glass 4mm, pvc film with picture, film sandblasting, glass marbles (marbles), glue two component
    • Size: Any
    All concerned artists and buyers are invited to participate in a charity event to help a 5-year izhevchane Maya Baskini
    Thank you in advance for any help!

    The glass is decorated on two sides:
    on the reverse side is laminated transparent film with printed full-coloured pattern (vegetation or any other, it is possible with photographic accuracy), with front side laminated film with sandblasting effect, which is manually slotted vegetable drawing (foreground completely background - only circuit).
    As a result of such decorating picture gives a very textured (due to the play of Matt and glossy surfaces), as would be voluminous.
    Also, the front side is decorated with round pieces of natural glass "marbles" (the nitty gritty of a flower).

    Cost 4000 RUB/m2 (including glass)
    How to keep
    Wipe and wash with a soft sponge, any detergent except powder containing abrasives and acids.
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