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Mandrake charm

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  • Materials:  sterling silver
  • Size: 18 mm, hole 4 mm.
Charm for bracelets (fits trollbeads etc.), mandrake root (from "Harry Potter" movie series).
Mandragora or Mandrake is a magical plant, the distinctive feature of which is the root, which looks like a little man.

Mandragora is not considered a particularly dangerous plant. At Hogwarts, it is being studied in the second year. In the lesson, sophomores transplant mandrake seedlings into separate pots. Even then, the mandrake roots, similar to the plump babies, were capable of producing stunning sounds. Therefore, Professor Sprout tells all students to wear special headphones before work.

During the Battle of Hogwarts, on the initiative of Madame Sprout, Mandrake was used against the attackers of the Death Eaters.
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