Cardigan at the waist, with a hood and pockets.

Knitted cardigan "Luxury"

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: from 6 - 8 weeks
  • Materials:  100% wool Merinos, 100% wool, the wool, wool blend yarn, Italian yarn, Italian merino, woolen yarn, Italian wool, wool
  • Size: Photo 44 R-R, height 170
    custom - any
Продаю готовые работы. Беру заказы - в порядке очереди.
Author's cardigan is knitted from top quality Italian yarn premium 100% Merino, production of Seam. fully handmade.
Cardigan with hood, pockets, belt.
Very soft, not prickly.
Yarn - chic, wear this cardigan for several years, virtually no spool, a good coat is really a little dirty, does not require frequent washing, does not absorb smells, if not to pour her spirits:)

Custom any colors and sizes.
Price may vary depending on the size and cost of yarn. Yarn is cheaper - the price will be respectively less.
Photo 44 R-R, height 170.
The price shown is based on the data size, this yarn (high quality), and this model.
Price may vary either higher or lower than the side.
Postal services, sending 1 CL. In the Moscow courier service - free.
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How to keep
Manual, gentle wash special liquid detergent for woolen goods, at temp. 30 g.
Drying in the horizontal position.
Ut.the yuzhku in the wool, without pressure - steam.
To keep on the shelf, not on hangers.
Keep away from hooks - bags, guns, jewelry - everything that can cling.
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