Earrings handmade. Livemaster - handmade. Buy 'Circus cats - Stella and Cabbage', fancy earrings for the New year.

"Circus cats - Stella and Cabbage", fancy earrings for the New year

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  • Materials:  lacquer, textiles, polymer clay, metal hardware, czech seed beads, acrylic paint, glass crystals, the vitreous mass
  • Size: Length of earrings with padlock - about 6,6 cm.
Russia, Moscow and Moscow Oblast , Krasnogorsk
Very bright, filled with joy and anticipation of the holiday magic earrings with the characters of the legend of the wandering forest circus that opened under a Red star, twins Stella and Cabbage with yellow, like the moon discs, eyes, a soft scarlet collars, enchanted pumpkins and stars...

Clay beads created completely by hand using the finest needles, without the use of any stamps or molds. Careful painting svetoustojchivyh colors.

The author's idea and execution.
How to keep
Recommended handling precautions. Do not sleep, swim or exercise in decoration. Do not pull the links. Do not wear under heavy or rough clothing. Avoid rubbing, scratches and other mechanical influences. Keep away from sharp objects and scratched. Do not leave in direct sunlight in the heat, do not soak jewelry in water, do not wash with detergents. Avoid direct contact with perfume.
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