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Beautiful dresses and other clothes for dolls of any size and of any production. Big and small, new and old Soviet (dear to your heart), modern and old - dressed as she is most suitable. Dresses can be modern, ballroom, antique (old fabric and lace); underwear for large dolls.
On the border of 19-20 centuries, well-known firms have produced large dolls, baby dolls and doll-babies. In their range of clothing includes: upper dress, lower dress or skirt, the lower overalls, trousers or casual shorts, caps and hats, bows on the legs boots or shoes. It was all decorated with lots of lace, hand embroidery and ribbons. The image of the doll was surrounded by an aura of lightness and tenderness.
I don't do dolls. However, trying to make our simple favourites is this image. Love the old days.
Embellish the dress with embroidery in the technique of Rococo, a little beading and lace tatting - all handmade. To work try, if possible, with natural, simple and affordable fabrics. The dress is removable, but I can get them on the doll forever.

Work can be seen on my website.
Please note:
to make You can only in the presence of Your doll I have, of course! with the return Your doll back to You with a new dress.

How to keep: brush off the dust with a dry fluffy brush

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dresses for dolls of any size

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