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Earrings citrine, malachite, Swarovski, etc

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  • Materials:  silver, studs, Pusey, white metal, citrine, lemon quartz, quartz, green, yellow, swarovski, Swarovski crystals (swarovski), crystals, natural stones, swarovski beads
  • Size: 8 cm
Earrings with citrines and crystals Swarovski. Earrings jewelery sanochkah can be rearranged on a silver English castles extra charge is 250 rubles.

Decoration length 8cm (overall).

More information about this decoration we can say that green butterfly is the original crystals Swarovski, the color is called "peridot", but it is only a name because of the coincidence of color with this natural stone. Butterflies are small, 4 mm.

Toggle clasp earrings - ear-stud in the form of umbrellas, material - bijuterii alloy, white metal. Can rearrange on English silver clasps, additional payment of 250 rubles.

Yellow stones are citrine, shape oval, size 1.5 x 7 mm, with a thickness of about 3 mm. Citrine has a second name - lemon quartz.

Of course, you can make any changes to make shorter or longer, add or exclude some details. This can be done, because it is designer jewelry, hand-job, so why wear something that doesn't fit you? Order your earrings that will fit you best.

You can not use those stones that are shown in the photo! That is, instead of citrines we can take, for example, fluorite, and instead of a small crystal - small granatik..... No limit of their desires when ordering handmade earrings.

The phone in the profile. If you need to obtain jewelry urgently, it is better to call.
How to keep
Care is required, they can even swim. Made very tight.
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