earrings with citrine

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  • Materials:  citrine, lemon, stone, natural, yellow earrings, earrings, lemon quartz, quartz, silver, metal, rhinestones
  • Size: 2 cm height, stone size about 1,2 mm
earrings with citrine. citrine - variety of quartz. the second name of this beautiful stone is lemon quartz.

on hooks, embellished with tiny rhinestones. metal - bijuterii alloy, original surface coating.

You can replace the hooks on costume jewelery silver with rhodium, a fee of 350 rubles.

the patron of the zodiacal signs gemini, virgo, leo, capricorn. durable and handsome, what caused its widespread use in jewelry. this stone is attributed to the strong magical properties it supposedly enlightens the mind and allows its owner to extract from the information received the maximum benefit, an indispensable attribute of fortune-tellers and wise women, also it gives its owner protection, along with other semi-precious stones is a charm - literally responsible for the safety of the owner. helps in business, in trade, the talisman of gamblers. it is believed that this gemstone gives a peaceful sleep without nightmares, relieves bad thoughts, depression and apathy, especially if the decoration of the author, made by hand, not factory. generally solves the problem of the gastrointestinal tract, treats diseases of the genitourinary system. enhances memory, relieves headache. addicts citrine helps to adapt to normal life.
How to keep
not wet
on request
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